Adobe launches all-new design tool: Adobe Experience Design (XD)

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Adobe has launched a new design tool that will help designers take user experience and prototype building to the next level.

Adobe Experience Design has been created so that you can switch easily from wireframing to visual design, interaction design or prototyping with preview and sharing, all in one design power tool. The main features are:  Streamlined design, Interactive prototypes, Live previews and Easy sharing.

The basic idea is fairly simple and all operations are accomplished in two modules: Design and Prototype. The Design mode is pretty much as the name suggests, a place to design the page. And you get to design these pages using many tools similar to InDesign or Illustrator. So you will likely feel right at home. The next step is to move into its’ Prototype mode in order to begin creating the user workflow, or ‘experience’. This is done by dragging to create schematic-style linkages between the many design pages in the project.

Like a lot of what Adobe has offered in recent times, there is more “evolution” than “new” here. They have taken the best of various existing tools, then evolved and innovated it into a faster specialized workflow.